Structural Engineers

Cartersville Facade

Client: SECO Architectural Products

Location: One Johnson Street, Cartersville, GA

This project was to design the support of a facade to be placed over an old warehouse in Cartersville, GA with a mural showing scenes of Historic Cartervsville, GA.  This project involved the structural design of the aluminum structure behind the facade that mounts it on an old brick textile mill warehouse.  We designed it using aluminum tubes mounted to the building and had to come up with a system of securely bolting it to the existing building and designing a parapet to take the top portion of the facade.  The facade had to be designed to resist wind loads that would try to pull it loose from the building, and keep the parapet it formed at the top from deflecting.

Facade Showing Mural of Historic Cartersville, GA on Aluminum Panels Mounted on an Old Warehouse.


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