Structural Engineers

Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons

Architectural panels used as screening for the mechanical penthouse.















Client: Georgia Tech/SECO Architectural Products

On this project, we designed the structure to support the architectural panels on the penthouse.  This design included the steel supports, the welds, and the anchor bolts.

We had to design anchor bolts for the posts in part of the penthouse - this was difficult because the concrete was not thick enough to allow deep embedment.












In the photo on the above, we are looking at the posts used to support the screens around mechanical units on the penthouse.  The top had to stay open to allow crane access, and the slab was of limited thickness – worse, it was a post tensioned slab, so we had to be careful with penetrations.  We designed post installed anchor bolts and the kickers that you see to allow this to work with the imposed windloads (which were very high due to the height of the building.

This is a typical post support in the enclosed penthouse - it is pinned to allow rotation of the post.













The Wayne Clough Undergraduate Commons Building at a Distance - Note the Penthouse at the Top


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