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Month: November 2011

Shipping Container House, Connecticut

Here’s some pictures taken by the client for the shipping container house in New Haven, CT. This house was built from six containers, and features a more traditional architecture for the front. This project was built by Marengo Structures, and the designer was Christian Salvati. We worked closely with him to produce the structural design, and the intent of the project was to build an attractive house at an affordable price.  The house was built on a vacant lot in an older neighborhood in New Haven, Connecticut.  The builder wanted to make the house fit well into the architecture of the neighborhood, which consisted of houses built in the 1920’s.  To make a container house do this, you have to cover the containers up to a certain extent, which was done in the front of the structure.  Please see the video to get the best feel for scope and intent of the Project:


The front is being furred out to allow a more traditional siding to be placed over it.


The house is finally starting to take shape!















The Final Product

The final product is above.

The video below provides a very good explanation of the house and shows some interesting views of it while it was under construction:

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Floor Slab Settlement – Look Out!

Floor Slab Settlement

This house looked like it was OK, but a closer examination and some experience shows a severe problem – very severe floor slab settlement.  The floor slab was poured on uncompacted fill – soil that was not tamped down properly when it was placed.  Over time the soil under the house settled, and there is now some very severe floor slab settlement.  It is so bad that the house probably will have to be demolished.  Look at the video and see whether you think you would have seen this.  This a good reason a inspection by a qualified home inspector before purchase is critical.

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