Cold Formed Steel

We provide design services for cold-formed steel either as the primary structure or the wall cladding as part of the overall structure.  We are experienced in designing with roll formed steel (such as with the Howick Machine) and manufactured cold formed steel section (such as by Clark Dietrich). Cold formed steel is rather specialized, and the design takes knowledge not only of design principles, but how it is erected.

If you use manufactured cold formed sections, there are a number of off the shelf products that make erection easier.  Familiarity with this process is very important to get a proper design.  With the rolled sections, it’s important to understand the capabilities of the machines producing the product, which can allow us to efficiently design trusses and other specialty sections.

University Lofts, Binghamton, NY

University Lofts, Binghamton, NY


Shop Drawings - UHS Vestal Medical Office, Vestal,NY

Shop Drawings – UHS Vestal Medical Office, Vestal,NY