Work For Us

Would you like to work for us?  While at this point in time we don’t have an opening, we’re always happy to talk to possible prospects.  The company is undergoing extremely rapid growth right now, and if the right person comes along we can use the help.  We’re looking for a graduate with a Bachelor’s or higher degree in Civil Engineering.  You must have attended an accredited institution.     Specifically you need to have the following qualifications/abilities:


1.  You must have had steel and concrete design courses – at least one semester of each.  Your area of specialization must have been either structural or geotechnical engineering.

2.  Simple ability to draw in AutoCAD.  You should know how to draw simple items, understand layers, know how to put dimensions and text on a drawing, and the difference between Paper Space and Model Space.  You also need to be able to read plans.

3.  Computer literacy.  You need to be able to install your own software.  You need to understand how to use Excel and Word.

4.  Be willing to work outside.  The company provides Forensic Engineering Services, and this requires investigation of building structures and failures in less than optimal conditions.  You have be willing to go into attics and crawl spaces.

5.  No unreasonable fear of heights.  You will at times have to go up high in buildings under construction, to climb ladders, and be up on roofs.  If you are afraid of heights, it won’t work.  You won’t be expected to walk steel or do any extreme feats up high, but looking down from a 10 story roof should not terrify you.

6.  Your own transportation.  Our company is in Grayson, GA and you will need to be able to get yourself to our location. Also, you need a car to be able to get to remote job sites.  We can make an exception to having your own car depending on your abilities and experience.

7.  Internet access and computer.  You must have Internet access since much of the work will be sent to you over the Internet.   You need your own computer also.


1. Prior work experience.  We would like to see prior work experience, not necessarily in Engineering or Construction, but that would be a plus.  However, we do want to see that you have previously held a job, that includes any minimum wage job.  Having worked as a research assistant in an unpaid capacity, or as an unpaid intern or volunteer counts.

2.  Understanding of MathCAD or MATLAB. (if you say you have this ability, you will be expected to demonstrate it)

3. Knowledge of how to use Bentley RAM Elements. (again, if you state you know RAM Elements, you will be expected to demonstrate it).

4, Knowledge of foreign languages – Spanish, Portuguese, or Mandarin are a plus.


The position will require you at times to work without supervision.  The time is flexible.  While the position is part time, depending on how things turn out, it could become full time.

Send us your resume and a copy of your university transcripts to jobs@runkleconsulting. com. I don’t care if you graduated in 1945, I want to see your transcripts – they don’t have to be official.   You can also give us a call at 678-225-4900.